MINIG continues to strive forward; our strength in numbers continues to be on the rise! Through leadership and working within our communities, we continue to make a difference in strengthening the image of nursing and the nursing profession.  
MINIG has started to use an adaptive leadership style/approach which spans the spectrum of leadership theories, traits and stylistic approaches that is very adaptive, yet direct in nature. Adaptive leadership is given to impacting the environment. It addresses a very active form of leadership, not a passive effort taken merely to adjust to circumstances as found.   Adaptive leadership is based on a process that requires people to focus on the specific problems at hand and to modify the way they have thought or worked in the past.
Our Objectives:
  • Educate the general public (communities), stakeholders , students and nurses about men in nursing and the profession
  • Strengthen the image of nursing across genders
  • Collaborate with other nursing organizations and groups
  • Conduct workshops/conferences   
  • Strengthening the image of nursing for all
  • To collaborate with both RNAO, its interest groups, the community and stakeholders.