MINIG Background

"Strength comes in numbers"


Reports continue to show that if the health needs of Canadians continue to change according to past trends, and if no policy interventions are implemented, Canada will be short almost 60,000 full-time equivalent RNs by 2022. Nursing shortages cause long and frustrating wait times in clinics and hospitals, adverse events for patients, and untenable work situations for RNs and other health-care workers (CNA, 2009). Men represent the largest group of underutilized human health resources to join the field of nursing where there continues to be a recurring trend as a female dominated profession – 94% in 2008. In the last five years, the growth rate of male RNs has been miniscule at 0.5% (CIHI, 2009).

The disproportionate numbers of males in nursing is an indication of the need to promote, educate, support, and most importantly strengthen the image of men in nursing with the public and various health care settings. As a career, nursing offers a unique combination of employment security, job satisfaction, and the limitless opportunities that range from nursing practice, policy, administration, leadership, academia, and business options. While there is no single fix to the nursing shortage facing Ontario and Canada, optimal utilization of male human health resource in nursing provides an avenue to synergistically compliment RNAO’s established recruitment strategies.

MINIG-Call for Resolution moved forward in April, 2010

WHEREAS nursing continues to be faced with significant shortages, and without intervention,Canada is projected to be short almost 60,000 full-time equivalent RNs by 2022 (CNA, 2009).

WHEREAS the presence of men in the ranks of Canadian Registered Nurses has developed to and remains less than 6% (CIHI, 2009).

WHEREAS the popular experience and awareness of nursing and nurses may not reflect the reality and the career potentials, particularly for men.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the RNAO, in collaboration with its Men In Nursing Group, actively advance efforts in any and all public media, forums and educational institutions, which would promote nursing as a viable and attractive career choice for men.


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